invisible Zürichs

zURBS - sozial-artistisches Stadtlabor für Zürich

*«Südbühne für alle» - artists curate Gessnerallee

«invisible Zurichs» creates an urban laboratory on the south stage and makes you a city scientist!

Loosely based on Italo Calvino’s book «Le città invisibili» our thesis is this: Zurich is made up of thousands of realities and imaginations – most of them invisible to us. We will make such «Zurichs» visible to you for a few moments.

As of October 18, the south stage becomes a city travel agency for explorative walks, a studio for open workshops to search for evidence, a dining and discussion table and a stage for stories. What remains of these workshops and experiments in the south stage are fragments of the many faces of Zurich, found objects from which an exhibition grows: a collection of words, ideas, memories, flotsam and junk...

«invisible Zurichs» asks questions: How do we apprehend Zurich and why? How do we think of Zurich? How do we recall Zurich? How does our city form itself? Where can it be flexed? The «invisible Zurichs» become a test of courage: Let us walk the city blindfolded, let us whisper words with strangers, let us walk tight-ropes on delicate networks of relationships, let us follow odours into the darkness, let us catch the city in the act, let us pile up possibilities, clamber onto them and jump off into different realities...

«invisible Zurichs» is an experimental programme by the social-artistic urban laboratory zURBS.


*«Südbühne für alle» is a series created by Gessnerallee in which the curatorship of one of the stages is given to artists. «invisible Zurichs» is the second part of the series after «Let’s talk about money, honey».

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26 Sat
12.00 bis 17.00

mit Tamara Kocan & Trond Maag, mit Überraschungsgast