On tuesdays and thursdays from 9 - 10 Vinyasa Flow yoga classes take place in the rehearsal rooms of Gessnerallee. The classes are CHF 5.-- per person, directly paid to the teacher.
No registration necessary! (No changing rooms, no showers!)

Vinyasa Flow is a powerful, dynamic yoga style in which the body positions flow smoothly into one another and are guided by the breathing. Vinyasa Flow strengthens the muscles and promotes physical and mental stability, balance, flexibility and peace.

Please bring your own mat!
 Basic yoga knowledge is required!

Marie Licht teaches on tuesdays. Andres Gensheimer, Stefania Maria Bernet and Monika Scherer teach alternating on thursdays. All four are experienced yoga teachers and create an atmosphere in which the own potential for creative energy and power can be discovered. The yoga class in the Gessnerallee is sometimes flowing, powerful, dynamic, creative, meditative and can be calm or challenging. The classes include inspirations on how to integrate yoga from the mat into everyday life.
Movement - breath - attention, this creates peace and contentment in the body.

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