Full Service


Daniel Hellmann (CH)

Do you have a wish? A need? A desire? Lucky you: «Full Service» is coming to Zurich in February 2015!
Daniel Hellmann will fulfil any service you can possibly imagine – immediately and on site. Nothing is impossible! Provided that the performer and the participants agree on the conditions and the payment and that they follow the rules.
On his website the Zurich based singer, performer and theatre maker Daniel Hellmann announces some of the possible services: sing an opera aria, cut hair, strip, destroy the life of a person of your choice, babysit, cry for you, hear your confession, have uninhibited sex with you... The only condition: the price for the service has to be accepted by both parties.
What is this performer ready to do? And what about the participants? What do they want in the first place? And how much are they ready to pay? Which mechanisms guide the relation between the performer and the participant? Who has what amount of money and who has what amount of power?
«Full Service» sets up shop and the negotiation begins.


30 Fri Stall 6
31 Sat Stall 6
21 Sat Stall 6
ab 16.00