TRANS:plant Y:

/ healing/thinking/sharing with you

Emilia Giudicelli

If «becoming» means transforming oneself into something else, and by this way changing our way of perceiving, then plants might be that otherness with which we could connect in order to bypass our anthropocentric posture. We can see TRANS:plant Y as a metamorphic choreography that is not mystic, in which we simply try to perform the transplant of the forest, literally and figuratively. For this first time, we have chosen to be outdoors in the City forest and we’ll take care of keeping us warm enough.


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Location: Käferberg Stadtwald Zürich
Meeting point: Tramhaltestelle Bucheggplatz
Free entrance / Reservation recommended:

21 Sun Treffpunkt: Tramhaltestelle Bucheggplatz, Wendeltreppe hoch