Émilia Giudicelli & Grégoire Paultre Negel

For about two years, choreographer and dancer Émilia Giudicelli has been enraptured by the phenomenon of «plant intelligence». As part of a long-term project, she abducted spectators to take tours in the woods, to small stubborn little plants on Bucheggplatz and in blooming fields. If we want to preserve nature for a while, and thereby also ourselves, wouldn’t it make sense to enter into an accomplice pact with the plants? If we give free rein to our «vegetative» properties, we might even eventually achieve photosynthesis! And if we dare to be «human in another way», we change our anthropocentric perspective.

The current work Trans:Plant is social choreography in which spectators become participants. Through the polymorphic music of Grégoire Paultre Negel, it acts on the vegetative nervous system and transforms the body on a journey through plant-based and anatomical imagination. It might just happen that a sense of commonality emerges.


© Ocean Antonyan
→ non-language-based → Duration: approx. 60 Mins
03 Thu Halle
04 Fri Halle
05 Sat Halle