Under Pressures

Olympia Bukkakis & Camille Lacadee & Isabel Gatzke

free entrance anytime possible

We find ourselves in the social, political, environmental and economic wreckage of decades of dominance of the neoliberal cult of the individual. In this context, where austerity policies have created discontent that serves as a fertile ground for far right ideas, and where the self interest of global elites has triggered potentially catastrophic climate change and the collapse of ecosystems, it is no longer possible to pretend that the individual exists in isolation. The interests of the individual are inseparable from those of the collective as well as of the ecological systems which sustain it.

Inspired by, and responding to, this complex set of interdependent relations, Under Pressures is an immersive durational performance, bringing audience, performer and set into a series of contingent encounters. The audience are invited into a post- or pre- apocalyptic shelter occupied by an individual. They embody various personae and use speech, music, lipsync, dance, games and ritual in an attempt to construct or remember a self while provoking new relations.

«Under Pressures»
has been developed within the series «Im/Possible Spaces», which presents six experimental aesthetik proposals dealing with the Im/possible.


The space is wheelchair accessible (albeit through a rather steep ramp). You may sit and lie down. If you require a chair, please let us know at the door. If you need to make noise for any reason you may, silence is not mandatory. You can communicate your needs in real time to an usher close to the door, this will not disturb the performance. You may leave and (not) come back throughout the whole performance, if you miss a section or zone out this is also ok.

13 Fri Südbühne
19.00 bis 23.00
14 Sat Südbühne
19.00 bis 23.00