White Window

Performance For The Internet

Don't worry. We won't start streaming our performances live on the internet. Well, actually, that's exactly what we're going to do. But these performances will be created only for an internet audience – here, on-site with us, only the camera will be watching. In the northwing, a small White Cube will be erected, where performances will be produced for live-streaming on a designated day.
For all those, for whom the way to us had previously been too far, we are coming into your home, your office, your tram, your hotel, and even into your cinema. The series White Window starts on 22 January 2017 with a kind of tutorial for «democratic choreography» by Nils Amadeus Lange and subsequently will be used as an experimental arena by other artists during the current and following seasons.


White Window #2:
«the seeing mouth, distractivity and dancing algorithms»
Lucie Tuma

A sunday evening gathering in a living room in a dance studio and a screen saver for 77mins of being alone together in digital sociality. All alone together. And maybe, if you are watching and this is the theater, we are all together alone. Anonymous generosity. Within it, two entities are being channeled: Lucie Tuma serves as a medium for Amber Tardis, a feminist sci-fi Feng shui master from a place where time is non-existent, and 13year old rapper Lynx Lucy aka MoMustang aka SouNAtural.
For the last 24 hours before and during the show, she is supported by breath-taking dancers and friendly guests Aga Pedziwiatr, Dina Khuseyn & Juliette Uzor @ AND a 1 – 2 – 4 – 5 – 7 – 11 – 13 softening the piercing focus of an omnipresent gaze and its standardising protocols via intentional non-intentionality and a withdrawn rush of an unexcited yet deeply devoted take on the materials of immateriality.

Lucie Tuma is an artist and dance maker generating ecologies of attention in times lacking time and their immaterial world(s). This produces dance shows, books, time-based sculptures, seminars, séances and music as well as large pieces for the theater space and/or specific art spaces. Once in a while, she facilitates formats of very low key user friendly settings via daily technologies. #White Window was her first web stream situation and it seems it’s just the beginning. Many thanks and big MERCI to Caroline Palla for photography and wall tapestry plus extra thanks this time to Gessnerallee & Vinz Dittli <3


White Window #01:
Beethoven / Neunte
Nils Amadeus Lange
22 Januar / 18.00 / Livestream

Eine Produktion von Gessnerallee Zürich
Unterstützt im Rahmen des Projekts «Kunstlabor Nordflügel» durch Ernst Göhner Stiftung und Georg und Bertha Schwyzer-Winiker-Stiftung